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“Our 2021 Lenten Promise: To Spread God’s Light”

“Our 2021 Lenten Promise: To Spread God’s Light”

At the beginning of 2021, while reflecting back upon 2020, our pastor, Fr. Vasken Kouzouian, encouraged the Holy Trinity faithful to spend the coming year “looking for the good” in both the situations and people we encounter daily. In keeping with this challenge, the Holy Trinity Sunday School established a Lenten initiative encouraging its students, parents and staff, to spend the 2021 Lenten season “Spreading God’s Light” – finding ways to fill the world with God’s love and being the good that others see.

As part of this initiative to spread God’s light, the Holy Trinity Sunday School 2021 Lenten Drive focused its efforts on raising funds to benefit a family displaced by the war in Artsakh, a cause weighing heavily on the hearts and minds of so many generations within the Holy Trinity Church family. As fate would have it, the timing of the Lenten Drive coincided perfectly with the launch of the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin’s Artsakh Outreach mission.

With an original conservative goal of raising enough funds to sponsor a family for three months through Artsakh Outreach, within just the first two weeks of the Lenten Drive, this goal was quickly surpassed. At the end of the six-week Lenten Drive, through the generosity of so many of our Sunday School students and Church families, the Holy Trinity Sunday School 2021 Lenten Drive raised over $2,700, enough to sponsor a family from Artsakh for one full year.

More than half the funds, $1600, was donated through weekly student offerings and online donations from Sunday School families and parishioners.  The balance of funds was received from the Holy Trinity ACYOA, who donated 20% of proceeds from their annual Palm Sunday Luncheon-To-Go and Easter Plant Sale.  May God continue to bless the hearts of our donors, and provide peace, comfort and safety to the families of Artsakh.

Submitted by Yn. Arpi Kouzouian,

Holy Trinity Sunday School Superintendent and Director of Youth Ministries, Holy Trinity Armenian Church, Cambridge, MA